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  Information for Clinicians - Early Intervention

Please click on a link below to download a form.
  • Consent for Telehealth
  • Parent Confirmation Log
  • Parent Confirmation Log-COTA
  • Parent Confirmation Log-ABA
  • Session Note-Telehealth
  • Session Note-Telehealth-ABA
  • Session Note-Telehealth-COTA/CF
  • Family Checklist for Telehealth
  • Therapy Monthly Log
    May 2020
  • Therapy Monthly Log
    Apr 2020
  • Explanation for Delay or Interruption in Services
  • Invoice Summary of Services
  • Itinerant Monthly Billing Form
  • Itinerant Monthly Billing Forms - Resubmission
  • Billing Form for EIP Evaluations
  • Billing Invoice Translation
  • Calendar-Billing/Payment Schedule
  • Consent for Evaluation
  • Parental Consent to Use Interventionist w Formal Plan of Supervision
  • Parental Consent to Use e-Mail
  • Parental Confirmation Form Letter
  • Incident Report
  • Record Of Injury

  • Explanation for delay /
    Interruption of Services
  • Community DayCares Health & Safety Survey NYSDOH
  • Home Health Safety Survey NYSDOH
  • 5 Day Interruption Notification-Therapist-EI
  • 30 Day Notification-Request for Removal from the case-Therapist-EI
  • Article 47 - Notification of Assignment of Professional Consultant
  • Parent Request for Early/Late Hours of EI Service
  • Increase/Decrease/Termination
  • Request for additional Evaluation

    Please click on a link below to download a form.

    The following is a list of documents that must be submittend to Important Steps, Inc. in order to receive Home-Based Early Intervention cases.

    Please click on the links bellow to download the forms that must be filled out and sent or faxed to us.

    For W-2 Employees of Important Steps, Inc. please send or fax the following:

    For 1099 and incorporated contractors the following must send or faxed to us:
    • The requirements listed above.
    • Letter of Agreement
    • Worker's Compensation Insurance (or proof of ownership of corp.)
    • State Approval
    • IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (Supporting Letter)
    • W-9 Form

    You can FAX forms to (718) 882-2117 att: Human Resources 24 hours day, seven days a week.
    If you have any questions, please call our HR Director at (718)-882-2111 Ext. 103

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