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  Mission and Goals

Important Steps, Inc. is the Early Childhood Program that provides many different types of early childhood Therapeutic and Diagnostic services to children with disabilities from Birth to 3 years old and their families. .

Early Childhood Program
Mission and Goals

    Important Steps, Inc. ("Important Steps") provides Early Intervention ("EI") Home-Community & Facility Based Services with utmost regard to highest-quality services to children and their families.

    Important Steps offers therapy, evaluations and education to children with developmental disabilities including children at risk for developmental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Important Steps guides the families of these children providing them with support and knowledge that enables them to meet their children's needs.

    Important Steps is qualified to provide bilingual services in Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish as well as other languages for families with English as a second language. The services are provided in those environments which best facilitate the needs, issues and problems of those we serve. At Important Steps, we strive to meet our goals and they are:

  • To provide support and to increase compensatory skills in children with or at risk of disability while enhancing integration into community.
  • To implement a multidisciplinary approach.
  • To strengthen and empower the family unit.
    The Program recognizes the individuality of each person we support. We seek to achieve our objectives by using a multidisciplinary team approach, with an essential component being the family. We endeavor to train a group of professionals to reach an excellent theoretical and practical command of their fields and integrate the perspectives of their colleagues into their own thinking. Program evaluation is essential in order to be responsive to problems and issues in an innovative and effective manner. Training, counseling and referrals are provided to the families so that they are enabled to use appropriate interventions for skill acquisition and behavioral management technique to be advocates for their own children.

    Finally, the main objective of Important Steps is to respond to the needs of people and their children with disabilities. We are unwavering in that commitment. As the needs of the community change, so too will our services grow.

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